Grape Seed Oil And Other Natural Hair Oils. Choose the best one

It has become obvious and well-known that hair oils are a great regenerative treatment. These natural substances have already outclassed ampoules, hair masks, conditioners, smoothing and thermal protective lotions, and all care products for damaged hair ends. No wonder: natural oils not only nourish the hair, but also the scalp and the bulbs. This allows the strands to gain maximum strength and become not only nourished and beautiful but – above all – regenerated from the roots to the ends.

There are many hair oils available on the market. Thus, in order to choose the best one and match it to your hair type, you need to know your level of porosity and which fatty acids are dominant in each oil. For example: Extremely damaged, dry and brittle hair, and curly hair have a high porosity, so omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are most suitable for their structure.

One of the oils that nourishes hair that is damaged, lacks elasticity and is of poor condition, is Grape Seed oil (Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil).

Cold pressed Grape Seed oil is an irreplaceable source of vitamin E, the so-called vitamin of youth. Its deficiency causes premature ageing of the hair and keratosis of the skin (including scalp); Then, the hair bulbs are not able to grow new hair and their growth is inhibited. What’s more – Vitamin E deficiency limits the absorption of iron – taking a direct part in the transport of oxygen to cells in our body. Grape Seed oil is very well absorbed into the skin, it nourishes and soothes irritation and helps fight dandruff. Also, it effectively moisturises dry hair lacking resilience and enhances the brilliance, while protecting from damage and high temperatures. Grape Seed oil prevents toxins from penetrating the inside of the hair, creating an occlusive, microscopic protective layer on its surface. In addition to vitamin E, Grape Seed oil has a high concentration of vitamin A, which ensures faster and healthy growth.

Grape Seed oil is not the only one that contains a wealth of vitamins, minerals and regenerates the hair. The best solution that will help you not only to quickly and effectively prevent hair loss but also provide a range of vitamins, protect and ensure a complete renewal and nutrition, is to use a properly balanced blend of several natural oils. The following list presents the best and most remarkable hair care oils.

1. Nanoil Hair Oil

Oil Nanoil perfect for hair regenerationNanoil Oil is a great product for hair regeneration. It contains a number of natural oils and stimulants to increase hair growth – from strengthening the bulbs, through repairing the internal hair structures, to intensifying its appearance (giving radiance, elasticity and vitality, and proper care of damaged hair ends). Nanoil is a product adapted to the structure and condition of the hair, which is why it is available in three versions. Each of which is intended for other type of the strands and contains various (closely related to the porosities and the needs of hair) oils and nourishing substances. Both damaged, dry, brittle hair, and thinning, weakened, lustreless, as well as thick and overburdened hair, is provided with protection, regeneration and care that does not interfere with the natural structure of the hair but fulfills its needs.

Each of the three oils contains 6 to 9 natural oils, including Argan oil, Macadamia oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil and Avocado oil, as well as a number of more exotic and rare oils with unique properties: Maracuja oil, Monoi oil, Cupuacu oil, Marula oil and Cotton Seed oil.

Thanks to the properly balanced oils, regenerating agents (keratin, silk, panthenol) and two ingredients to accelerate hair growth and prevent falling out, Nanoil Hair Oil becomes a unique and revolutionary product that provides complete hair care, regeneration, and reconstruction within 30 days.

2. Mythic Oil L’Oreal Professionnel, Nourishing Oil

Mythic Oil L’Oreal Professionnel Nourishing OilL’oreal Mythic Oil is a product created primarily to improve the condition and appearance of the hair. Mythic Oil is not suitable for regeneration or strengthening the bulbs, but it is well absorbed in the strands and gives them protection during styling. It can be applied to dry hair halfway down to facilitate combing and deliver shine. Also, it can be applied to damp hair immediately after washing to protect it from damage and high temperatures (especially if you use blow-dryers).

Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil was created to quickly condition and improve the shine of the hair. It is also suitable for thin hair because it absorbs well and does not overburden it. Mythic Oil contains two precious natural oils: Avocado oil, which is a real vitamin bomb for the hair and the regenerating Grape Seed oil.

3. Kerastase Oleo Complexe The Imperial

Kerastase Oleo Complexe The ImperialKerastase The Imperial is designed for colour-treated hair – its main task is to nourish hair damaged due to ammonia and ensure that its colour does not fade. With a large amount of essential oils and a small amount of silicones, the oil can also be applied to damaged and dry hair that needs protection and intensive regeneration. Kerastase Oleo Complexe The Imperial contains 4 natural oils including protective Argan Oil, Corn oil that ensures the proper moisture level of the hair and two rare oils: Pracaxi oil (prevents frizz and delays hair loss) and Camellia oil, which deeply nourishes and smooths the hair. Kerastase Oleo Complexe is unfortunately not suitable for the regeneration of the hair bulbs; thus it should be used as a no-rinse conditioner or lotion additive. Kerastase Oleo Complexe can be applied to both wet and dry hair or only to the ends of the hair.